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Compost Q&A

1  What is compost ?

Compost is a stable final product that originates from the biodegradation of organic materials. If it decomposes well, it becomes a dark-brown mixture that is odorless and pathogen-free, which can be used as a soil conditioner. Compost can be divided into two types: aerobic composting and anaerobic composting, and MixO' Plus Organic Compost is produced by aerobic composting method.

2  What are the benefits of composting ?

For the soil, it can make the soil fluffy, increase the fertility (CEC) of the soil, improve the biological activity of the soil, provide trace elements and three major elements, and adjust the pH. For the plants, it can promote the growth and development of roots, improve crop quality and increase production.

3  What is MixO' Plus Organic Compost ?

In the HKJC “Field So Good” Community Composting Programme which funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the team led by Prof. Chu Lee Man of The Chinese University of Hong Kong has conducted a comprehensive research to formulate the use of local industrial food waste as to produce High Quality Organic Compost. And the team has finally produced a High Quality Organic Compost, which is the first and the only certified compost produced with local food waste. It is 100% made in Hong Kong by using local recycled organic resources. It is the best choice for decrease the local carbon footprint.

4  Why use MixO' Plus Organic Compost ?

Using more MixO' Plus Organic Compost is equivalent in supporting the sustainable development of the local organic resource cycle and reducing dependence on landfills; it also reduces the carbon footprint and slows down the problem of global warming.

5 What are the element of MixO' Plus Organic Compost ?

Although MixO' Plus Organic Compost is a compost of food waste, all its raw materials are carefully selected, and all are single and non-genetically modified organic waste produced by local industries and commerce. It is precisely because of the strict control of the source that the quality of MixO' Plus Organic Compost is guaranteed.

6  How to use MixO' Plus Organic Compost ?

MixO' Plus Organic Compost has a wide range of uses and is simple to use. Just like the name of MixO' Plus Organic Compost, you only need to mix it with the mud. It is basically suitable for all soil types such as seedling cultivation, potted plants, fruiter, farmland or gardening and greening.

Use scope:

- Suggested mixing ratio (1:5): 1 part of MixO' Plus mixed 5 parts of soil.

- Fertilization — Use 1:5 ratio of mixed soil as base fertilizer or 1:5 ratio of organic fertilizer to use, suitable for poor soil as base fertilizer and make organic fertilizer more effective release of nutrients.

* Depending on the degree of soil infertility, increase the amount to improve soil quality

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